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Originally a small operation employing less than 10 people with no clear roles and responsibilities, the business has been growing steadily and currently employs over 300 workers spread out the Republic of Kenya. The company has offered services to many clients and has a workforce most of whom are on short-term contracts basis and are retained on the availability of work. However, for all intents and purposes, it is usual to have many of these short-term contracts staying for a year or more depending on the scope of work.

Contractual Cleaning


Professional Cleaning

Our Vision:

To be the preferred Cleaning Services provider within the region

Jepco Cleaning services first registered as a sole proprietorship in 2000.The business name was first set up as a cleaning services firm per se, but has now diversified into all areas of environmental concerns
Cleaning services
The business forms part of a network of independent, professional cleaning firms which are used to provide outsourced professional cleaning...
Contractual cleaning
Jepco cleaning services provides unparalleled expertise and a comprehensive set of solutions that help an organization to enhance its core operation...
Industrial and residential property cleaning
Our Mission is to consistently provide premium cleaning and hygiene solutions to our clients using modern technology and motivating our team while conserving the environment.
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